Personal trainers, when a prospect backs out...What do you do?


Personal trainers, when a prospect backs out…..

What do you do?

In most cases a few things happen, that person could have spoken to their wife, husband, friend or possibly saw an ad or video that made them think twice.

The key is to get the prospect back on a call right away.

Remember, your helping them achieve their fitness goals, this is SO important to their health and longevity.

I’d suggest fine tuning your follow up process and not leave this hanging for hours or days.

In most cases prospects need more than just one call, it’s a process of building trust.

Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up, these are all ways that will allow you to improve and be even more dialed, these things happen to the best of us.

The #1 rule though is: ‘Build The Relationship’

If your a personal trainer wanting to start closing more prospects and build a tight follow up process that WORKS head over to

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Your people are investments


Just recently was having a call with a new client who runs a personal training business and I heard the term ‘expense’ with the admin help they had in place.

Funny, I used to think the same thing years back.

Your people are one of the smartest investments.

They give you, your time back, they allow you to do the ‘high leverage’.

$20/hr activities could be draining you dry, even though it takes 5 minutes.

Off board and quit calling this an expense, its NOT!

Imagine getting back 3 to 5 hours of your week back to focus on high leverage, what would you do?

An expense is buying clothes you don’t need, a car you don’t need, items with no ROI.

Here’s a BIG mistake when hiring people, heck I did it years ago too, hiring someone, then leaving them on an open playing field, without guidance, expectations and proper management.

Just because you hire someone doesn’t mean you just leave them be now and sign a paycheck, you will waste dollars, you...

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Who is the Ideal version of You?

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Are you Blocking Yourself from being more Successful?


Are you Blocking Yourself from being more Successful?

Maybe you increased your personal training income, then noticed it slide back down again.

Here are two strategies below that will help get you back on track.

1 - Identify what pattern, behaviour or belief that is causing the issue

Could be what you think success means to you
The fear of being too successful
Having too much money
Not being good enough
Not charging what your worth

2 - Environment

If your in the same environment and haven’t either changed it or make efforts to improve it, this could be pulling you back into the trenches, short circuiting your ability to raise your level of success.

If you’re a personal trainer and at some point increased your income and then fell back down again or are striving to increase it right now, I’d love to help you fix that permanently. I’m doing a special 90 minute Discovery Day on Sunday October 27th at 230 pm at Hidden Gym in Plano, Texas.

We got 25 spots and...

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Are you starting your online training business too soon?


Are you starting your online training business too soon?

If you were building your own house, laid down a rock solid foundation, but ignored putting up the walls, electricity and framework before putting on your roof, what happens?

Something messy lol

Think of your personal training business the same way, would you start adding more, if your barely able to keep up and things still aren’t fully optimized?

We call this optimization or a better term is systematization, as you grow, so that as you add more pieces to your current model things flow effectively, without your personal training business suffering.

A good indicator of this is to ask yourself, if you added 20 more clients to your roster today, could you handle it and deliver great customer service?

I love seeing my clients grow their training businesses fast, just don’t rush it. Your better off building something strong that lasts, opposed to a quick fix increase that may come crashing down after.

If your a...

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Are You a Smart Trainer, but your Broke?


Are You a Smart Trainer, but your Broke?
Four years degree, two year diploma, four certifications later and still just paying the bills?
Wait….you want to invest in another certification, your thinking your not smart enough.
This is so painful, I’ve had so many trainers come to me with this issue, what’s interesting is many will bend over backwards to invest in another education program and are still living off their credit card and don’t have enough for rent.
I’m a huge believer in education, but if your still broke doing it, year after year, that’s totally not cool.
What if you shifted your focus for 3 months into your business, putting all the focus into improving your sales, sales process, marketing, pricing, packages, systems and confidence.
How would you feel if went from earning an average of $2 to $4K a month to $10K+ a month? Probably more freedom, am I right?
This is something that puts fire in my belly, taking our highly...

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Want to learn 3 strategies on how to 3X your monthly personal training revenue?


Hey Dallas Personal Trainers

Want to learn 3 strategies on how to 3X your monthly personal training revenue?

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 years, for the past few years I've been helping personal trainer’s systemize and scale there business so that they can earn more.

I’m packing my bags from Canada and heading to Dallas for a few days to help local personal trainers.

On Sunday October 27th at the Dallas famous Hidden Gym, I’ll be teaching the 3 core principles around how to take your personal training business to the next level for 90 minutes, all for FREE.

Have you been training clients for years, maybe even decades or your just starting out and still can’t seem to get ahead?

Do you want to increase your prices, yet are scared you’ll lose clients?

Maybe you got tons of clients, yet are all over the place, feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure how to get better organized?

Maybe your working in a corporate gym, getting paid peanuts...

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What is your mindset


Are you a personal trainer and swimming with the minos or the sharks? the last 7 days who are the people that you have spent the most time with, do they earn more or less than you?

Your training business will only grow to the capacity you set mentally, the best tools, courses, books or seminar’s won’t work, unless the head has a SHIFT.

Are you programmed to earn $5000 a month, working crazy hours and feeling totally burnt out at the end of the week?


Are you buckling up, raising your standards and surrounding yourself around others BETTER than you?

Mindset Shift Reminders

1 - Are you downgrading your circle, because you feel your falling behind? Stay around others who push you, challenge you, believe in you and stretch you.

2 - Do you feel how is it possible to earn 10, 20 or 30K a month in your training business? Raise your standards, stay around others doing better than you, be obsessed about your new version.

3 - Are you scared you might fail? You...

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Are You Playing A Big Enough Game In Your Training Business?


Remember that feeling where your coasting, things are okay, money is okay, then you lose a client or two and you go into survival mode, all because what you were earning was JUST enough.

O wait there’s room on the credit card, we should be okay for a bit longer, I just hope a client comes through the doors soon, then you tell your trainer friend at gym and they agree, as there hoping for the same thing.

What a RISKY game to PLAY!

Comfort zones are for the majority, are you the MINORITY?

No judgement for the majority, as for some people they prefer comfort zones and that’s totally cool, for the minority who want to play a bigger game, this is why we have TRM and a bigger game can be different level for everyone.

1 - You’ll need to get around others playing a bigger game than you, if you want your game to rise.

2 - You’ll need to make the uncomfortable zone your new comfortable.

3 - You’ll need to have help, whether its a mentor or coach, someone who can...

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The Shift Into Your Power


I remember back in March, remember Terra, when you were killing it, broke your $10K, actually it was $11K lol, then you decided to do a show and well the rest is history.

Terra is a great example of hard work paying off, she didn’t just jump to $10K in a snap, it took her a bit longer, each month she grew from the inside and her income followed.

We all know the saying, were focus goes money flows, well maybe I made a small change.

Shifting into your power isn’t just about money, it’s about a shift mentally that proceeds with persistent action followed by results.

All the books and courses won’t help, unless action is taken, not just tippy toe, the big dive.

Marilyse had a similar shift happen for her, then income followed.

How does a shift take place?

Make uncomfortable, the new comfortable

Taking action each day, the action that feels scary and challenges the ego

Surrounding oneself around winner’s, people that are doing better than you, this is why we...

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